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Read This to Know the Reason Why You Need a Competent Civil Law Attorney by your Side
 There are two broad types of law - civil and criminal law. Civil law is the category of law that deals with wrongs against an individual or their property.   Criminal law is the category of law that deals with cases that pertain to wrongdoings against the society at large. To learn more about Civil Law Attorney, click family law Edmonton. Civil lawsuits generally deal with cases that are not criminal in nature such as negligence, personal injury, family dispute and small claim litigation.  

 Litigation to do with automotive accidents will most likely lead to civil litigation. Other litigation may be as a result of an allegation of negligence, e.g., when someone has a responsibility of maintaining their property to ensure other people are not hurt when they access the said property.   Civil law, as previously mentioned, also encompasses family law where cases to deal with child custody, divorce and adoption are handled.

Contract dispute cases, cases to do with employment law and discrimination cases also fall under this scope.  A very common example is a family law court tasked with handling matters to deal with family.   Another example is a small claims court set aside to handle matters to deal with small claim disputes.

In the United States, a civil law case proceeding starts when one files a complaint against another person for wrongdoing.   The person filing the lawsuit is known as the plaintiff while the other party is known as the defendant. To get more info, click Edmonton criminal law.  The plaintiff will most often than not consult with a civil law attorney just to be sure his case is valid, upon which they will proceed to issue a notice of complaint to the defendant.  

  It is expected the plaintiff to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that their complaints are valid.  It is thus the responsibility of the plaintiff to find a competent lawyer that will help ensure they prove beyond any doubt they deserve to be heard.  The other important fact you must understand is the plaintiff attorney will often take the stage first to present their evidence before the defendant's attorney does the same.

The results of the civil suit would normally be determined by a judge, unless either of the parties, through their lawyer, request for a jury trial.   In the event of a jury trial, the panel would be made up of between six and twelve attorneys who deliberate on the case privately to reach a decision.  Most often, the decision of the members of the jury would be unanimous.   Having said that, it is highly recommended you identify a reputable civil law firm to handle your case.   Competence of an attorney is key when it comes to success in civil law cases.

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